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Our comprehensive plans include:
  >     100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  >    Vehicle Towing Services 
  >    Tire and Wheel Protection  
  >   Lock-Out Service
  >   Emergency Fuel / Coolant Delivery
  >   Battery Jump Start
  >   Service anywhere in US & Canada


The Basics:
You never know when trouble is around the corner. Whether your vehicle is under warranty or not, with Roadside Assistance, you have the security of knowing that help is just a phone call away.

The Roadside Assistance program provides technically trained advisors who are available 24 hours
a day, 365 day a year, and offers a number of services that help ease concerns resulting from unforeseeable emergencies.

Tow to the nearest dealer for warranty service, or if the vehicle was in a crash and cannot be driven. Assistance is also given when the vehicle is stuck in sand, mud, or snow.

Flat Tire Protection:
Service to change a flat tire with the spare tire. The spare tire, if equipped, must be in good condition and properly inflated. It is the owner's responsibility for the repair or replacement of the tire if it is not covered by the warranty.

Battery Jump-Start:
Service to jump start a dead battery.

Lock-Out Service:
Service to unlock the vehicle if you are locked out. A remote unlock may be available if you have OnStar®. For security reasons, the driver must present identification before this service is given.

Emergency Fuel / Coolant Delivery:
Delivery of enough fuel for the vehicle to be driven to the nearest service station.

Things to Consider when Shopping for Roadside Assistance:
Using an insurance company’s roadside assistance or towing benefits too often could increase
your future rates or even your eligibility for coverage. Some auto insurers consider your calls for roadside assistance to be just like accident claims. State Farm, the nation’s largest insurer, says the use of roadside assistance is a very small factor in calculating rates or considering a driver’s insurability.

Think about who or what the various plans cover. That can be more confusing than you think. For example, under some plans, only the one vehicle is covered, while some plans cover all vehicles and drivers in the household.

Cell-phone plans, such as those from Verizon and Sprint PCS, cover whoever has the phone at
the time of the breakdown.

When You Need Assistance:
When calling Roadside Assistance, have the following information ready:

Your name, home address, and telephone number, Location of the vehicle, model, year, color
and license plate number of the vehicle, Odometer reading. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN),
and Description of the problem To report a claim, please call (800) 709-1117

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